Fondant Azudant of the brand Azucren, is a paste elaborated by the joint work of pastry specialists whose result is a malleable paste, developed specifically for the coating or lining of cakes and even in the elaboration of small decorative pieces. The fondant, apart from being easily elastic, offers a very uniform and velvety finish.

Gluten free

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Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, hydrogenated palm kernel fat, water, emulsifier (E471), thickener (E415), citric acid, preservative (E202), flavouring and colours: Yellow (E102), Light Yellow (E102), Baby Blue (E131, E170), Sky Blue (E131, E170), Navy Blue (E131), Superhero Blue (E151), Blue (E151), White (E170), Brown (E160c), Caramel (E160c), Fuchsia (E122), Grey (E151, E153, E131, E122 and E102), Lilac (E120, E129, E131), Brown (cocoa powder), Orange (E129, E102, E120), Black (E102, E122, E131, E151), Leather (E160c), Purple (E120, E129, E131), Red (E120, E129), Pink (E122), Baby Pink (E120, E129, E170), Green (E102, E131), Fluor Green (E102, E131), Grass Green (E102, E131), Leaf Green (E102, E131), Mint Green (E102, E131), Christmas Green (E102, E131). Violet (E120, E129, E131).

E122, E102 and E129 May have negative effects on activity and attention in children.


Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. Relative humidity: 70%.


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